Are Custom Wood Crates Worth the Price

wooden crateDoes it seem to you that shipping your items in wooden crates is overkill? Shouldn’t cardboard boxes be good enough? After all, the majority of shipping is done in cardboard, right?

Actually, there are many benefits to having you shipping done in a wooden crate. Crates offer quite a few advantages over regular cardboard boxes. Here are just a few of the ways that packing up your shipment in a wooden crate could be better for you than cardboard.

Improving Workplace Efficiency

Wooden crates can be constructed in any way that you would like. This means that a crate can be built to operate in the workflow of your warehouse. If you need crates that fit on a specific conveyor or ones that can fit on transportation particular to your factory, then they can be built for that purpose. They can also be built to accommodate loading and unloading, making them much easier to deal with then pallets full of boxes that may or may not stay together during transport.


Crates are much better at being stacked than their cardboard counterparts. While cardboard excels at holding small things close together, too much weight means a crushed cardboard box. Wood is much stronger which means it can be stacked easily.

Combined with our point above, you could have crates specially designed for your warehouse. Stacking crates in the warehouse leaves you with more room on the floor where you need it instead of being taken up by product waiting to go out for delivery.

Armor for Your Shipment

Nobody wants to see a shipment arrive with a crushed box in it; yet, it happens all the time. Sure, insurance will usually cover the costs of the damages, but what about the lost time and effort required for you to make a replacement. Not to mention the frustration of a client with a time sensitive order.

Crates offer your order much more protection for your shipments. Wood crates are hard to damage or break. They can offer additional protection from the elements if your shipment happens to be sensitive to water. Crates can also keep a shipment free from dirt or mud because they are typically sealed shut. Keeping the environment out and your good safe from harm are the job of every well-produced crate.

They can be Made to Order

The best part about a crate is that they are not a once size fits all solution. Crates can be made of many different shapes and sizes to fit whatever type of item that is going to be put inside of them. As well as the shape, the type of wood that the crate is made of is also customizable. This means that you can select woods that offer more or less protection, depending on your needs and budget.

Cratex Group offer custom crates for all sorts of industrial shipping and packing needs. Contact us today for a quote on crates for your next shipment.