Are Custom Pallets and Crates Really Necessary?

If you are shipping goods, you are going to need a container to get them where they are going. Since there are so many commercial solutions that can get the job done, is it really worth the extra money to have a custom crate built for the goods you are planning to ship? Here are some reasons you might want to consider having your shipment moved in a crate or on a pallet created specifically for it.

Preventing Damage

Your packaging should be there first and foremost to prevent damage to your shipment. This means having a sturdy construction that is going to survive the trip from where it is to where it is going. Many commercial solutions are made of cheap or flimsy materials that can easily break.

No matter how much you trust your shipping line, odds are the people doing your shipping don’t care as much about your shipment as you do. This means they won’t be as gentle in treating it as you will. Also, accidents happen. If your goods are protected in a sturdy custom crate then they may not be damaged even if an accident happens.

Providing Support

The evidence of what happens with a cheaply built pallet can be found behind any warehouse. Pallets are the backbone of your shipment. They are there to provide support for what otherwise couldn’t be moved by heavy equipment. A solid pallet is going to have plenty of places for you to anchor down your shipment and also provide support and protection from the fork truck or hand truck that is going to be moving it around. Going for a cheaply made pallet might save you money in the short term, but how much are you risking if that pallet gets crushed or breaks under the weight of your cargo?

Protection from Shifting

All shipments have one thing in common: they are moving. This means it is being picked up, put onto a machine that moves and then being placed back down again. No matter how much protection you have on the outside, it is what is inside that matters. If your shipment shifts around while it is being moved, it can do more damage to itself than what dropping the whole crate can do.

A custom crate is built with your cargo in mind. This means that if there is a particular geometry that needs to be accounted for and supported, it can be done. Sure, you may be able to jury rig something with a commercially available crate, but is it really going to provide the amount of protection you want and need for your shipment to arrive in one piece? Having a custom crate not only ensures that your shipping container was designed specifically for your goods; it also means that it is the best protection that can be had for that particular shipment.

If you need custom packaging for your industrial shipping, contact the expert crate builders at Cratex Group.