5 Ways to Lower Your Freight Costs

Chances are that shipping costs are a significant portion of your company’s expenses.  As the premier packing and crating company in the Lower Mainland, we would like to offer you the following 5 ways to lower your freight costs and save your business money.

Maximize your Loads

The more you ship, the less you will pay for each load.  Before sending your next container, make sure that it is filled and you have made the most out of the container’s space.

Choose the Right Transportation Method

Maximizing your shipping load is only part of the solution.  It is important that you choose the right transportation method as well.  Sometimes the cheapest mode may not be the most cost efficient.  Some factors to consider when determining the right method for you include:

  • The type of product you are shipping – Is it fragile? Does it have an expiration date? Is it seasonal?
  • Your product’s destination –national, local or international.
  • Will you need multiple transportation methods and transloading – air/boat/rail/truck or a combination of the three?

Consolidate your Cargo

Consolidating your cargo or making it part of a larger shipment with other companies who are shipping to a similar area may be a great way to cut shipping costs.  Even if it means that your freight is travelling in a less direct route, it may make sense from a cost benefit perspective.


Part of the total shipping cost can also include storage fees or time in a warehouse.  It is always better to get your product to its destination sooner rather than later.

Time it Right

Try to ship your cargo to its destination at non-peak shipping times such as major holidays.  You will typically pay more for shipping costs around busier times such as Christmas or Chinese New Year.  Many carriers are at full capacity at these times and your shipments may be delayed or charged premium fees.  Plan accordingly.

Reliable Partners

Find a reliable shipping partner that you trust and has your best interests in mind.  A responsible and competent partner should be able to help you consolidate your cargo and find you the most efficient and effective transportation method for all your specific shipping needs.  The right collaborator should also be flexible and have multiple contacts regardless of what type of transportation you are using.

At Cratex Group, we understand the unique world of shipping and work on a personal level with all our clients to not only reduce shipping costs, but to provide the tools and equipment necessary to ensure their freight arrives on time and in the same condition it left the warehouses or factories.  We look forward to working with you soon.