Shrink Wrapping Advantages

UV resistant plastic wrapping - Cratex Industrial PackingWe can shrink wrap items for shipment by sea, road, or rail, protecting them with heavy-duty UV resistant plastic that seals off your precious cargo from environmental factors such as salt-laden sea air and road grime.

As Western Canadian agent for CORTEC corrosion inhibiting products, we can also protect highly sensitive items from corrosion damage prior to outside packing. The ultimate protection for highly sensitive electronic equipment and machinery is achieved through vacuum packing.

For Local and Long Distance Cargo Protection

Although we have been involved in the shrink wrapping of goods destined for overseas markets for over 20 years, we have now expanded our services to cover domestic needs. We are equipped and ready to provide heavy duty shrink wrap plastic covers for boats, equipment, loaded trailers, etc. and to install partitions and containments for job sites and all other applications requiring environmental protection.

Shrink wrapping and Transloading - Cratex Industrial Packing

Our services benefit:

  • Trucking companies
  • Marinas and boat owners
  • Machinery and equipment manufacturers
  • Shipping lines and freight forwarders
  • Building contractors
  • Aviation companies

5 Reasons to Shrink Wrap Your Cargo

Whether you are shipping large items across the city or around the world environmental protection from the elements may be necessary. We can provide state-of-the-art services to protect your investment. Any time you are shipping freight, there are numerous dynamics that you need to consider. Some of the many challenges of shipping cargo include finding the most cost efficient method of transportation as well as ensuring that the freight will arrive on time. Another very important factor is how to safeguard your cargo during its entire shipping process.

Here it is: The most cost-effective and most reliable method of protecting your freight is shrink wrapping. I will provide you with 5 reasons why vacuum packing and shrink wrapping your freight is the solution for you and how you can get started shipping your goods in the safest and cheapest fashion.

Prevents Sliding

If at all possible, the best way to ship your freight is on a pallet. Almost anything can be shipped this way and a pallet provides a steady platform that you can stack and move. A shrink-wrapped pallet will only add to the stability and it will secure and protect the freight that is loaded on the pallet. The more secure and tighter the load is, the less concern and possibility of the entire load sliding, shifting or falling off the pallet.


Stability is of the utmost importance when it comes to shipping your freight because your pallet will be loaded and reloaded multiple times as it moves to its destination.


Shrink wrapping not only provides an extra level of security and stability to your cargo, it also provides a barrier of protection. In so many cases, your freight will be exposed to less than ideal shipping conditions. Although all freight and cargo is treated with respect, unfortunately, accidents can happen. Shrink wrapping will minimize any damage and provide that peace of mind as well as that last extra special safety touch.

Shrink wrap protects your freight from:

  • The elements, including water and sun damage.
  • Falling and breaking.
  • Scratches and scuffs on the cargo.

All Shapes, All Sizes

Unfortunately, not all freight is easily stacked or sits nice and neatly on a pallet. Shrink wrapping can be applied to all types of cargo regardless of its shape or size.

Shrink wrapping is ideal for:

  • Cumbersome Cargo.
  • Oversized freight that will not fit in a standard shipping container.

Keeps packages together

Regardless of all the precautions that you may take with your freight, unforeseen circumstances may occur during the shipping process. Boxes may break down or wear, creating small holes, or small items such as electronics and jewelry can fall out during the long journey, especially if the road is bumpy. Shrink wrap is extremely tough and durable and is your last defense for keeping all your cargo items intact. Anything you can do to keep your freight protected is highly advisable.

Always remember:

When it comes to the safety of your freight, it is far better to be proactive than it is to be reactive.

Speeds Up Shipping

When it comes to shipping, the quicker your cargo is delivered, the happier the client is and the faster your business will grow. Imagine that your freight gets there in one piece, scratch free and in the exact same condition it left. This is what shrink wrap will do for you! If your pallet doesn’t need to be stacked and restacked each time it is offloaded imagine how much time this will save you.

Here’s the deal:

In the shipping industry, time is money. And if shrink wrapping can save you time, then ultimately it will save you money.

In today’s ultra-competitive shipping market, it is important to not only deliver a quality product on time, but to ensure that the product arrives in the same condition as when it left the factory. Shrink wrap is the ultimate safe-guard that will ensure that your cargo arrives damage free and in a timely fashion. Make sure to use shrink wrap in your next shipment and see what a difference it makes.