5 Green Freight Trends for 2019

Every year the quest for a greener approach to methods of transportation grows.  2019 will be no exception to this ever-growing trend.  As the premier company for all your packing and crating needs, we would like to share with you 5 green freight trends that are sure to influence how you ship your cargo this year.

2019’s Greener Approach Will Be Driven From The Largest Firms

Much of the demand for a greener approach to shipping transportation will be driven from the largest companies.  Companies like Whole Foods and even Walmart are going to demand greener and more ethical shipping routes and greener transportation partners.  Look for more large companies to use this type of green model for their shipping and transportation needs in 2019.

Localization and Shorter Supply Chains

Long distance shipping is quickly being replaced by shorter, more localized sources.  By sourcing locally, both air pollution and greenhouse gasses can be reduced.  This shift will also further strengthen diverse local and regional economies making this a more competitive shipping model.  This is now the preferred model of many large companies such as Whole Foods as it is supported by an ever-growing consumer base. Look for this trend to continue in 2019 as more large companies make this shift.

Rail Over Road

Rail is quickly taking over as the most preferred way of long haul shipping for a number of reasons such as:

  • Generally rail is a more cost effective way of long haul shipping (up to 60%).
  • Rail offers up to 66% reduction in emissions.

Although rail tends to be longer than truck delivery and can slow delivery time, the cost savings coupled with a reduction in overall emissions should only accelerate this trend in 2019.

Zero-Emission Ocean Shipping

Several large shipping companies are already providing lower emission cargo options.  These reductions are achieved through a combination of slower steaming and more efficient operational measures.  Firms such as Nissan are already using a combination of solar and diesel to ship their cars across the Pacific.  Look for other large companies and even freight companies to continue to reduce their carbon footprint and strive for zero-emission shipping in 2019.

A Changing Industry

The entire shipping industry is changing.  Each year it becomes more and more environmentally responsible and continues to reduce its overall carbon footprint.  This year look for even more radical changes such as:

  • Electric and hydrogen hybrid trucks to replace gasoline or diesel for local and long-haul freight shipping.
  • Solar and hybrid diesel/electric airships to replace conventional air freight.
  • Changes in port cities to clean up air and water pollution such as stricter laws and fines.

2019 promises to be the greenest year yet.  This is great news for the shipping industry and for your company.  Make sure to be an innovator and leader in this approach as this new green trend is not going anywhere.  If you would like more information about how you can become an environmental leader in your shipping or would like to know more about the direction the shipping world is heading, please contact us today.  We would love to be a part of your shipping network.