a box full of protective packaging peanuts and a tape dispenser ready to be sealed up for shipping.

Choosing the Right Freight Packaging

When shipping freight is one of your company’s most important tasks, you have several crucial decisions to make. In addition to finding and hiring the right transloading companies, you also must choose the right packaging for your products. Not only can making an incorrect packaging decision result in additional expenses, it can end up damaging your products and cause your customers to lose confidence in your business.

Fortunately, no matter the type of freight that you use, we can help you choose the correct packaging to keep your products safe and result in a successful delivery. Here are some tips for choosing the right freight packaging and information about selecting a Vancouver transloading service for your products.

LTL Shipping

The majority of companies will experience less than truckload, or LTL, shipping. This means that your products do not entirely fill the shipping truck, and is extremely common for smaller companies. However, because LTL shipping results in a good amount of open truck space, it can lead to shifting freight loads and possible injury to your products.

If LTL is the type of shipping your company uses, it can be a good idea to pack your goods on pallets. Using pallets help keep your products grouped together, which is especially important with LTL shipping because multiple trucks will usually be used. If your products are fragile, be sure to use extra protection like bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

Flatbed and Truckload Freight Shipping

If you’re company deals with larger orders, then it’s likely that you’ll truckload or flatbed shipping to deliver your goods to customers. However, because truckload and flatbed shipping does not require multiple loadings and off-loadings, many people neglect to pack their products in the proper manner.

Although there is little risk of your freight being separated with flatbed and truckload shipping, it’s still a good idea to use pallets for an added level of protection. Some companies package their products in crates for truckload or flatbed shipping, but if you choose this method, you’ll need to make sure your products have protection inside of the crate. Shifting inside crates is common and can cause damage.

Packaging for Smaller Shipments

For businesses that deal with smaller products, parcel shipping is the standard method for freight delivery. While parcel shipping has its advantages, it can end up putting your products at risk because the usual packaging is just a normal shipping box.

If parcel shipping is the best freight option for your business, you should make sure to be very deliberate about how you package your products. Make sure to add as much padding as you think necessary, and use a pallet if your shipping multiple parcels at one time. If you’re vigilant about your packing method, parcel shipping is a great option.

Schedule Vancouver Transloading

If you need help choosing the right packaging method, or need to schedule Vancouver transloading service, you need to work with Cratex Industrial Packaging, LTD. At Cratex, our specialty is in transloading hard to ship products, and we can help you make sure your important goods reach their destination intact and on time. Contact us today to learn more about our services and packaging options.