3 Reasons to use Shrink-Wrap for Shipping

Regardless of what you are shipping or where you are shipping it to, as a business owner, your main concern is that it arrives on time and undamaged.  Unforeseen losses can lead to unhappy customers as well as extra paperwork and insurance claims.

One of the best ways to provide an extra layer of protection against damage is by shrink-wrapping your freight.  As your premier packing and crating company for all your industrial shipping needs, here are some reasons to use shrink-wrap to protect your freight.

Custom Protection

Perhaps the most important reason to use shrink-wrap when you are shipping freight is that it not only provides protection, it provides custom protection.  That means that regardless of the shape or size of your freight, you are guaranteed to protect every square inch of that item because of the malleability of shrink-wrap.

Not only does shrink-wrap protect goods from the regular wear and tear of bumps and bruises, it also will protect your freight from shipping hazards such as:

  • Corrosion from ocean spray if you are shipping materials overseas.
  • Protection from condensation and humidity.
  • Road grime and other environmental hazards.

Extra Support

One of the added bonuses of using shrink-wrap to protect your freight is that it provides an extra layer of support for each pallet.  This extra support will ensure that your freight doesn’t tip or shift when it is being loaded or offloaded – saving you both time and unnecessary freight damage.

Here’s the deal:

A stable and well-balanced pallet is key to guaranteeing that your freight arrives on time to its destination because over its shipping journey, it will be loaded and unloaded multiple times.

Extra Piece of Mind

Full customer satisfaction is the end goal of any business and by using shrink-wrap to protect your freight, you can be assured that your goods will arrive in the same condition that they left your warehouse.  This extra piece of mind will allow you to put more energy and time into growing your business, securing more customers and less time filling in insurance claims or problem-solving freight issues.

By adding the extra layer of shrink-wrap to your freight, you are not only protecting your material from environmental damage, you are also adding an extra layer of support to each pallet you ship.  The ability to customize your freight’s protection can be a huge game-changer and add a piece of mind to even the most difficult or oversized shipments.

If you would like to see how shrink-wrapping can protect your shipments or are interested in some of our shipping products and services, please contact us today.  We would love to be a part of your network and look forward to working with you soon.